Support Charitable Organizations

There are so many community charities and causes that need help.

Get the satisfaction that comes from knowing you can give back even when saving on your everyday shopping. We call this Business With A Purpose! When you use your HERO$CARD WorldWide universal discount loyalty rewards card, you support the cause that matters to your community group. Additionally, HERO$CARD WorldWide is the only universal discount loyalty program that lets you choose how to pay: debit, credit, cash or check.

Here's How You Can Help

  • Your Cardmember Group Selected Charities: After each transaction, HERO$CARD WorldWide will send a donation to the charities and/or causes your membership group selected.
  • Cardmember Donations: Use this powerful tool to donate all, or a portion, of your personal purchase rebates to the charities and/or causes your Cardmember group selected. Now, each time you make a purchase through your HERO$CARD WorldWide merchants, you are doing even more to support the causes you care about.

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In-Store & Online Discounts

Your HERO$CARD WorldWide universal card earns discounts both in stores and online seamlessly for you and your Merchant goup causes. Learn More.