Our Management Team

Terry Brandfass, President & CEO

Terry comes from a diverse background. She grew up in the restaurant and hotel business, and after graduating from Kent State University, she started buying, renovating and selling real estate. In 1978, she and her husband, Lee put their entrepreneurial skills to work in the barter industry. In 1980, they purchased a barter franchise, and have spent the past 31 years working with business owners to help improve their cash flow using an alternative commerce. Terry was also the founder of Trade Management Consulting, Inc. in 1989 offering both barter consulting and corporate barter assistance.

HERO$CARD WorldWide was conceived from years of Terry’s continuous complaining that she could not understand why she had to have so many loyalty cards in her wallet and purse. Why hadn’t anyone created one universal card that could be used with various merchants across the nation and around the world to enable consumers to receive discounts and/or rebates at point of sale? From this one continuous complaint, a dream was born. Two years ago, both Terry and Lee agreed that the economy was not going to take a turn for the best anytime soon, so they decided that they wanted to develop an additional way to help generate new business to all of the tens of thousands of merchant that they have been working with around the globe since 1978, while benefiting consumers and helping local community charitable and worthwhile causes.

Today, that dream is a reality!

Terry is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades from her peers in the barter industry, and from working with various charitable organizations. She is currently a board member for the International Reciprocal Trade Association, and participates in numerous committees.

Corporate Offices

HERO$CARD WorldWide , Inc.
3571 E. Sunset Road Las Vegas,
NV 89120

Lee Brandfass, National & International Project Development

Lee is a versatile, analytical and hard-working executive with a practical hands-on approach, who always preservers to achieve the best possible results. He is able to collect and analyze information, digest facts/figures and quickly grasp complex business and sales issues to develop and deliver effective solutions. Excellent negotiation and sales skills with the proven ability to manage to the highest standards allow him to complete projects with a meticulous attention to detail and within agreed deadlines.

In High school, Lee was an all American swimmer that went on to Kent State University on a scholarship graduating with a B.S. Degree with a major in business administration and minors in math and psychology. For eight years during and after college, he worked in the family’s furniture manufacturing business accountable for all aspects of the business from design, production, operation and fulfillment to over 100 retail outlets on the east coast. Energetic, motivated and highly dynamic, Lee was responsible for opening, managing and operating the four family owned retail furniture stores.

When the family business was sold, Lee worked for the next few years in a privately owned business that sold private-placement, pure bred cattle tax shelter investments. He coordinated contracts between the investment company, the ranchers, the investors and all their accountants and lawyers for over 5000 breeding cows and highly desirable bulls in Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota and Florida.

For the last 32 years, Lee and Terry have owned and operated a businesses in alternative finance: barter, retail corporate and consulting. As a proactive leader he was responsible for attracting key accounts to include businesses ranging from small mom and pops to Fortune 500 companies. As an innovative and resourceful results-oriented professional Lee was able to help these companies successfully capitalize on his business opportunity.

Today, through thoughtful pursuit, HERO$CARD Worldwide is Lee’s next business opportunity. Join with him today to create a better future for us all.

Dee Payton, Software Developer & IT Department Director

Dee Payton is the CIO of RTN Solutions, Inc. He was raised in Akron, Ohio and moved to Arizona in 1985. From a young age he was interested in computer technology. He furthered his education after high school and achieved his business degree in bachelor in science. He is currently working on getting his masters in Management Information Systems. He started his own computer company in 2001. Since then, company has grown over the years and currently serves over two hundred customers. RTN Solutions, Inc. is a fast growing global business and information technology firm. RTN has built their reputation by creating lasting business solutions within organizations and by offering improvements that are practical, innovative and cutting edge.

RTN provides a broad range of services to virtually every segment of industry. Through their total business approach and "Yes We Can" attitude, they bring value to their clients as a total IS (Information Services) solution. RTN’s business focuses on development and implementation of software, wireless high speed internet connectivity, networking solutions with a 24 hour help desk support and co-location capabilities. These areas are what we have found to be the primary needs in any professional organization. As a full ASP (Application Solutions Provider) we offer services such as content and application hosting, domain name services, web hosting and e-mail services.