Take Advantage of Merchant Discounts

Discount Shopping Advantages

Use your universal loyalty card to receive discounts and rebates at point of sale funded by HERO$CARD WorldWide created by purchases made with merchants anywhere you see the green HERO$CARD WorldWide logo. Just swipe your card before you pay, and you will receive a discount and a rebate off of your total purchase less the tax and if a gratuity applies.

For a complete list of local and online discount merchants, visit the HERO$CARDâ„¢ WorldWide Online Marketplace

Bonus Reward Discounts

HERO$CARD WorldWide merchants can/may offer their customers additional Bonus Reward Discounts as part of their loyalty rewards program. To qualify for Bonus Reward Discounts, complete the Bonus Reward Discount CRM survey during Cardmember sign up.

Bonus Rewards Include:

  • Birthday Bonus: Earn Birthday Bonuses during the day, week or month of your birthday.
  • Frequent Shopper Bonus: Earn Frequent Shopper Bonuses from merchants you visit the most.
  • Dollar Spent Bonus: Earn a Dollar Spent Bonus after you spend a pre-specified amount with a HERO$CARD WorldWide merchant.
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*Discounts will vary from merchant to merchant. All discount amounts are listed inside the Online Merchant HERO$CARD WorldWide Marketplace.
Click here to visit the Online Merchant Directory.

To find out which merchants offer Bonus, visit the HERO$CARD WorldWide Online Marketplace today.

One Card

One card gives you discounts and benefits of dozens of loyalty cards.

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