Merchant Introduction

The HERO$CARD WorldWide network helps you connect with your customers. In addition, by associating your business with various causes, you send an important message to your customers and the community at large...cause-driven commerce means business.

When you become a HERO$CARD WorldWide merchant, you gain access to a network of conscious consumers who want to shop with businesses that support their community and charitable causes. Our Merchant loyalty system is an integrated, efficient and informed platform. As the levers of economic growth shift, companies large and small need to connect with their community to drive new sales, while having a cause-driven marketing campaign. As a merchant, you can offer a whole new level of service to your new customers; help to boost the economy of your community and aid in the current plight of charitable organizations. We are working for a cause, with like-minded merchants and card holders.

By becoming a merchant, you receive instant access to the network, as well as tools needed to understand your customers.

Merchant Benefits Include:

  • Advertising: HERO$CARD WorldWideâ„¢ will advertise your business through our network
  • CRM Upgrade: Get to know your customers. What do they respond to? This is available to all merchants for an additional monthly charge
  • Make a Difference: Support your Merchant group community charities and/or causes that support your business

Merchant Optional Upgrades Include:

Bonus Rewards Tools: Offer Customer Bonuses when your customers shop with you. Customized bonus offers help to generate more sales. This is available to all merchants for an additional monthly charge. Any business can earn customer loyalty and increase their sales. Our program is designed to integrate seamlessly with equipment that you and your business staff is already familiar with. To join now, click here.

For more about Traditional Loyalty Programs vs. HERO$CARD WorldWide, click here.

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As a merchant, you can support your Merchant group charity whose members shop and earn with a HERO$CARD WorldWide universal card. Learn More



Traditional Loyalty Programs vs. HERO$CARD WorldWide

Thinking of starting your own loyalty program or marketing campaign? Consider this: Instead of creating, participating or managing a single loyalty program, HERO$CARD WorldWide gives you the tools your business needs to develop customer loyalty with multiple social, ecological and religious charity organizations and a universal loyalty program.


Individual loyalty programs can be difficult for business owner to manage.
Individual Loyalty Programs are:
Isolated: Exclusivity limits many potential new customers.
Expensive: Merchant incurs all costs for purchasing and/or creating and managing the program.
Labor Intensive: Merchant incurs all responsibility for successfully operating the program.
Inconvenient: Consumers must fill out forms each time and carry additional loyalty cards.

 A shared network increases opportunities and membership, while reducing costs. HERO$CARD WorldWide is:
Integrated: A universal loyalty card that can work with many existing loyalty groups.
"Open Loop": HERO$CARD WorldWide merchants accept cardholders from many loyalty programs.
Inexpensive: Merchant incurs no development costs.
Turn Key: HERO$CARD WorldWide increases potential while minimizing work.
Convenient: Consumers are more likely to use one universal card.
For more about Merchant Benefits, click here; To join now, click here