Merchant Advertising

HERO$CARD WorldWide merchants receive online and local advertising.

Local Advertising

  1. Loyalty Programs: Loyalty program networks advertise to their members through conventional methods that are most effective for their programs.
  2. HERO$CARD WorldWide Logo: The green and red HERO$CARD WorldWide logo is recognizable and should be posted outside your business and near your register to increase walk-in traffic.
  3. Charities and Non-Profit Organizations: Charitable, social and religious organizations that benefit through our HERO$CARD WorldWide loyalty program use word-of-mouth, newsletters and bulletins to advertise your program directly to their members.
  4. Local Directory: Members can use the Online Marketplace to find local directions to your business.

Online Advertising

Merchants are featured in the Online Merchant Directory as well as on other affiliated Marketplaces.

Some Directory Features Include:

  1. Merchant Marketplace: Merchants are added to the Online Merchant Marketplace and on every network affiliate Marketplace
  2. Merchant Searches: Members can find your business by name, keyword, or zip code
  3. Ranking Opportunities: Members can search by the size of the discount offering. Merchants who offer larger discounts receive preferred listing.
  4. Merchant Surveys: Members can access lists of merchants with positive survey ratings.

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Your Own Loyalty

HERO$CARD WorldWide merchants receive the tools and access necessary to create their own loyalty program.

Your Online Tools Rule

The online merchant tools give you a leg-up on the competition and work to grow your business as you help! Check it out