How Cause Marketing Works

HERO$CARD WorldWide loyalty cards let you earn discounts & rebates on all your shopping, with any form of payment, at any HERO$CARD WorldWide merchant locations.

How Is This Possible?

HERO$CARD WorldWide uses a universal loyalty rewards card that connects shoppers, businesses and their favorite charities in a single network that rewards everyone. The results are larger discounts at POS, rebates, a constantly growing list of stores to shop with, and more contributions for more charities.

To earn discounts and rebates, shop at any merchant location where you see the green and red HERO$CARD WorldWide logo. Just swipe your loyalty rewards card on the card terminal before paying.

Pay for your items using any method of payment the merchant accepts. This can include debit, credit, check, or cash.

And that's it! You've successfully contributed to helping HERO$CARD WorldWide fund local charitable organizations and/or worthwhile causes.


  • Shoppers: Become a Cardmember… Learn more about all the benefits available to you and how you can support your
    Merchant's group’s community charities and/or causes each time you shop. To find out more, click here
  • Business Owners: Earn Customer Loyalty. Discover all the merchant tools available to your businesses
    and how you can support charities that support your business. To find out more, click here
  • Charities: We Are Here With Cause Marketing Solutions! There are multiple opportunities available to
    hep you meet your funding goals.