Today, charities have a far greater financial need than they have encountered in past years, and fewer donor dollars making their way to charitable organizations and worthwhile causes. HERO$CARD WorldWide partners with Merchants and Cardmembers to make charitable funds easier to obtain for your organization, and more rewarding for your supporters.
Whether you are a start-up charity, a local or a national non-profit; a charter school or an entire school district, or a worthwhile cause for your community, there are solutions available to you within the HERO$CARD WorldWide network.

Submit a request application for consideration today, and start earning funds when your supporters use their HERO$CARD WorldWide card while shopping with participating HERO$CARD WorldWide Merchants.

Qualified Non-Profit (NPO)
All Qualified NPOs are listed in our participating charitable organizations and worth-while causes list. HERO$CARD WorldWide “Merchant Groups” have the option of directing the funds that they have helped to create by selecting up to three different charitable organizations and/or worth-while causes within their group. HERO$CARD WorldWide's contributes 25% of their gross marketing fee generated from the various “Merchant Groups” to the local chosen organizations.

Steps To Become A Qualified NPO:

  1. The NPO signs a "Qualified NPO Agreement" with HERO$CARD WorldWide , which permits us to list them as an NPO that can be chosen to receive funding from HERO$CARD WorldWide .
  2. All Qualified NPOs receive periodic email reports outlining the funds generated on their behalf and information about the deposits of the funds to be made to their designated account.
  3. There is no charge for becoming a qualified NPO.

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Cause-Driven Commerce
Businesses see the benefits of cause-driven commerce. Your cause can benefit, too. Contact us to learn more.
Part Of The Solution
Coopetition works for everyone. Become an active charity with HERO$CARD WorldWide . Contact us.