Charitable and Worthwhile Causes Participation

Qualified NPOs may choose to actively enroll members in the HERO$CARD WorldWide program by distributing the HERO$CARD WorldWide swipe cards to their members, merchants and donors. You have now created a “Merchant Group” that can choose your NPO to receive the charitable portion of HERO$CARD WorldWide funding created in co-opetition by the Cardmembers, Merchants and HERO$CARD WorldWide .

Steps To Become An Active Non-Profit (NPO):

  1. The NPO signs an "Active NPO Agreement" with HERO$CARD WorldWide WorldWide, Inc.
  2. There are no set-up fees or monthly maintenance fees!
  3. You will have an account that is available on the HERO$CARD WorldWide online site which allows you to have 24/7 access to reports of funds being made to the active NPO.

This access enables the NPO to monitor the increases or decreases of funds, allowing it to predict revenue and encourage members and donors to utilize their card at participating HERO$CARD WorldWide Merchants.

Click Here to be considered for enrollment to the HERO$CARD WorldWide WorldWide program