HERO$CARD WorldWide can provide your business with a powerful web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. There is no software to install, no additional costs, and the database will increase in value with every loyalty card holder who shops with you.

HERO$CARD WorldWide CRM tools will help you understand your customers and improve overall customer service.

For a nominal monthly fee, you have access to:

  1. Identify Best Customers: Review sales histories and discover your 5-25% most valuable customers. Analyze demographic profiles.
  2. Target Key Demographics: Find your key demographic. Re-direct your current marketing efforts. Search by zip code, affiliate loyalty programs and more.
  3. Analyze Customer Surveys: Hear what your customers have to say.
  4. Review Customer Responses: Discover your customer's
  5. responsiveness to advertising methods by age, income, gender and more.
  6. Thank Recent Customers: First-time customers have a 30% chance of becoming long-term customers. After shopping with you three separate times, relatively quickly, their chance of becoming long-term customers more than doubles.

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