Bonus Reward Tools

As a HERO$CARD WorldWide merchant you have the option to upgrade to a set of customizable Bonus Rewards Tools. These tools are designed to give you additional options in you marketing efforts and reward your most loyal customers.

Activate the Bonus Rewards Tools any time. They will automatically record customer visits and tally total sales to the cardmembers, according to your marketing strategy goals. You plan the campaign, and let the tools do the work.

Dollar Spent Rebates: Increase average sale amounts per visit. Encourage customers to spend more by offering an additional bonus reward after a specified dollar amount is spent.

Frequent Shopper Rebates: Reward your most frequent customers. Offer a bonus reward after a pre-specified number of visits. Encourage your customers to return often to your store.

Birthday Rebates: Customers appreciate recognition. Offer a bonus reward during this special time. When customers shop while celebrating, they often bring friends and family. Make sure they visit you by offering a birthday bonus during the day or week that they celebrate their birthday.

Cardmember’s statements will reflect when a specific Bonus Reward has been earned with an active link. When the Cardmember clicks on the link, a printable Bonus Reward certificate will pop up with the detailed Bonus Reward information. This makes it easy for the Cardmember to redeem their reward. If a Cardmember wants to shop and use their Bonus Reward and they don’t have their certificate, the merchant has an easy access Bonus Reward online report.

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