About HERO$CARD WorldWide

HERO$CARD WorldWide is a cause driven loyalty card with four main benefits…increases sales for Merchants, increases customer loyalty for Merchants, helps Cardmembers save on purchases while they also earn rebates and supports your community’s important local causes. In the same way so many of us rush to natural disasters to lend a hand, we must work together to utilize the resources available to help each other build a Sustainable America & World. This journey has already begun in the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs.

However, there is a need for all entrepreneurs in this wonderful world we all call home to fully comprehend the importance of their actions and how they can change the course of history. HERO$CARD WorldWide offers Merchants a way that they can earn customer loyalty and increase sales by becoming a part of the important loyalty relationships that Cardmembers have by offering discount rewards, a rebate program and enabling support for the social causes the Merchants and the Cardmembers value. Our program is driven by a universal proprietary, non-financial ID card with a unique number in the bar coding. This unique number allows the card to be “swiped” through normal credit card equipment at POS (point of sale) and be tracked.

Our proprietary software, automatically handles the recording of the transaction, the CRM, the collection and distribution to the charities.

Our Value Added Proposition:

  • Generate new revenues to approved charities, not-for-profits and worthwhile causes in your community to help build a more Sustainable World. 25% of our gross marketing revenues generated on every purchase/sale go back to your local community
  • Generate new cash revenues for Merchants
  • Create new cash savings as well for our Merchants, merchant’s employees, friends, family members, existing customers and Cardmembers
  • Create new business relationships for Merchants while increases consumer spending to benefit your community’s economy while saving Cardmembers at POS with discounts. Cardmembers can also earn rebates
  • No upfront set up costs or fees to the Merchant or the Cardmember
  • No new card processing equipment is necessary for most merchant that have current equipment technology
  •  Nationwide Program, that will expand Internationally soon, will gives you additional advantages for in-store shopping, Internet shopping and travel buying advantages

Corporate Offices

HERO$CARD WorldWide , Inc.
3571 E. Sunset Road Las Vegas,
NV 89120

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