About Charitable Support

Today, it seems like there are more financial needs, with fewer donor dollars to go around. HERO$CARD WorldWide partners with businesses to make supporting important charitable organizations and worthwhile causes easier for you, and more rewarding for your supporters.

Whether you are a start-up charity or a national non-profit; a charter school or an entire school district, there are solutions available to you within theHERO$CARD WorldWide network.

Submit a request for consideration today, and start earning funds when your supporters work with HERO$CARD WorldWide as Cardmembers and/or Merchants to create financial support.

Here's How
Passive NPO/Passive Participant: As a Passive NPO (Non-Profit Organization) in the HERO$CARD WorldWide network, your organization is eligible to be selected by loyalty rewards Merchant Groups to receive funds when Cardmembers shop and Merchants sell within the network.

Active NPO/Active Participant: Active NPO's receive the basic marketing materials needed to introduce HERO$CARD WorldWide to your members and donors. By encouraging those who support your organizations to use their loyalty rewards card, you increase the funds you are likely to receive.

Private Label: Private & Co-Branded Label programs are available for the right sized charity. HERO$CARD WorldWide will help you create and market a program that can create ongoing funds for your organization.