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We recognize the economic and social challenges that face all of us currently, and in coming years, but we believe in social coopetition, and the opportunities that arise when businesses, charities, and consumers join together in the marketplace to meet the challenges.

The HERO$CARD WorldWide coopetition program unites businesses, consumers, charities and their communities into one innovative loyalty model where EVERYONE is a HERO! It is our thesis that by combining discounts and rebates with civic consciousness, we will deliver new sales to businesses on a pay-as-you-receive basis without having to impose big up-front expenditures to businesses, deliver savings to the consumer Cardmembers, create new donation revenues to charities, create an economic impact within each community and build civic awareness.

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HERO$CARD Worldwide is a revolutionary loyalty card program that benefits consumers, merchants, local communities, and charities... Read More

Coopetition is one of the markers of the 21st century, and HERO$CARD WorldWide

  • Gives all business owners the opportunity to engage in cause-driven coopetition.
  • Invites businesses to work together for a common goal.
  • Enables businesses to step up and contribute in the building of a healthier local economy while establishing increased individual sales.

HERO$CARD WorldWide loyalty cards are unlike any other rewards card available... they are the most convenient, flexible and cost-efficient multi-merchant loyalty discount and rebate card product available. Our Loyalty fund sharing Discount & Rebate Universal Card is “your” ONE card! One universal card that brings with it an ongoing, mutually beneficial exchange between merchants, cardholders and non-profits nationally and soon internationally.

HERO$CARD WorldWide is EMPOWERING a new generation of funding

  • Easy to start…supporters receive free cards and can activate in minutes
  • Easy to use…Cardmembers swipe their cards through the merchant’s normal card processing equipment
  • Easy to earn…each time a Cardmember swipes their HERO$CARD WorldWide card through a merchant’s normal processing equipment,
    the merchant has a new customer, the cardholder receives a minimum of a 15% discount and a cash rebate, noted charities and worthwhile
    causes receive 25% of gross marketing fees on each sale made.
  • Easy to maintain…automatic renewals
  • Easy to track results…online transaction and contribution reporting
  • Embrace new sources of funds

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